Although flexibility and customisation are the norm in a growing number of industries, many larger corporations are almost always bound to long-term and inflexible housing contracts. This is to ensure sufficient workplaces in a growing organisation within its own corporate identity and culture. Totally Outsourced Office offers your company maximum flexibility when it comes to space and contract. 

Where are you in 5 years’ time? A business plan often shows a stable growth, but what if your company grows exponentially within two years? Or technologies develop faster than expected and you can downsize in the number of staff? The Totally Outsourced Office product offers that scope to you as an entrepreneur.

Flexibility in type of contract

Contracts for Totally Outsourced Office are tailor-made. No more 10-year leases or long-term facility contracts, but flexibility in contract terms tailor-made to suit your organisation.

Totally Outsourced Office

Flexible and fully equipped workspace for a fixed and all-inclusive rate:
The fixed rate includes:

  • The Office Operators – service team
  • ICT support
  • Facility management
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Management reports

Unique service by The Office Operators

Our professional TOO Service Team will be happy to take care of all your day-to-day concerns. You don’t even have to worry about a missing button or a broken shoelace; you can find these things in our unique Lost Box. We can also call a taxi, book your flight, reserve a conference room, order office supplies, repair your bicycle and a lot more!

Flexibility in workplaces

Making a forecast on the required number of workplaces can be difficult. In this dynamic market, where turnovers and returns can increase or decrease explosively and where mergers happen every day, an organisation always wants to have the right amount of workplaces. This is now possible with Totally Outsourced Office.

The flexible contracts make it easy to expand or reduce the workplace capacity when necessary. This way you only always pay for the actual number of workplaces your company needs.

Within an organisation you may also need different types of workplaces, from ultra-fixed to ultra-flex. This could be the sales team that operates on an ultra-flex basis and a finance department that will employ the same number of people every day in the same workplace. Totally Outsourced Office offers flexibility in type and use of workplaces.

Book a tour

The Totally Outsourced Office centre managers are looking forward to meeting you! Enjoy a cup of coffee while you visit one of our locations, of course without any obligation.