Totally Outsourced Office is an initiative and collaboration between CBRE Global Investors (real estate), Alvero (furniture), Ditt Officemakers (design) and The Office Operators (management and operation). These 4 parties share a long standing experience and expertise in the real estate and office market. This means that Totally Outsourced Office can give you a whole new view on real estate management.


The Office Operators, established in 2010, is an innovative supplier of flexible office and conference space. Our network has 26 locations in Amsterdam, Arnhem, Amstelveen, Amersfoort, Brussels, Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport and Utrecht. A network that will expand in the future to meet the growing demand for our products and services.

Our team of 100 talented and enthusiastic Office Operators is always ready to assist you. Supported by a management team with many years of experience in the flexible office market and with our 55,000 m2 in office space, 3,000 workplaces and 100+ conference rooms, you will always be able to find what you need with The Office Operators.


CBRE Global Investors is a leading, internationally operating real estate investment management company, which manages investment programmes within the entire risk/return spectrum for investors around the world.

Delftse Poort is part of CBRE’s Dutch Office Fund and it is an investment fund of CBRE Global Investors that invests exclusively in office buildings in multifunctional top locations within the G4. All the buildings offer a broad range of top-quality facilities, and the portfolio includes iconic buildings such as WTC Amsterdam, UP Office Buildings, WTC Schiphol, WTC Utrecht (under development) and Delftse Poort in Rotterdam. The portfolio size is currently around EUR 1.5 billion.


Ditt Officemakers combines office design with interior design and all the latest developments in new office building concepts.

Ditt Officemakers will provide the client with a beautiful design, good use of space and equipment, for the right price and tailored to his or her ambitions. Ditt is not a traditional design bureau; they are easy accessible and are not looking for exclusiveness in collaborations or products, but are there for whoever needs them.

Entrepreneurship, creativity and perseverance are in their blood and this is what we bring to the table in every assignment. Down-to-earth and reliability in combination with urban swagger and international influences are the perfect mix to do this.


Alvero is the leading rental company for top quality (office) furniture for company clients in the Benelux and Germany. With excellent service, Alvero facilitates all imaginable furniture and equipment concepts; fast and sustainable. Workplace, conference, hospitality and lounge furniture from a variety of brands can be supplied to their clients, on a rental or pay-per-use basis, for just one day or for several years.

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